Rediscover your true self.

Manitou is a trusted healing arts and wellness partner that creates energetic experiences using reiki, yoga and meditation for optimizing personal health and wellness. Based in Valparaiso, we serve northern Indiana and Chicagoland.

Our services are authentic stress reduction and relaxation techniques backed by science. We guide you to gently release the physical, mental and emotional stressors that represent who you are not, and consciously shift out of the head, into the heart and back into the total wellbeing that you truly are.

We offer private sessions, group classes, cancer care and corporate programs facilitated by Tina Rongers, a registered yoga instructor and certified reiki master.


Every interaction with Tina at Manitou is a unique, calming and highly personalized illumination of the infinite potential within you.


Manitou...the spirit of total wellbeing. 

Tina Rongers 
Manitou Healing Arts & Wellness

(773) 379-5560

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