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relieve stress. 

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Cancer Care

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"I could feel the energy moving
even though  Tina had moved to another area of my body."

reiki client


Energy-based stress reduction and relaxation technique that releases areas of tension on the physical, mental and emotional levels through the placement of hands just above or lightly upon the body. Clients are lying down or comfortably seated, fully clothed during the treatment.

Oncology reiki emphasizes cellular level health and symptoms related to treatment. 


Private Sessions
Group Classes

In Studio
On Site

"This yoga practice is authentic yoga.
I feel the difference."

 yoga class student


The Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga is a sequenced, energetic practice that synchronizes breath and movement into a powerful meditation-in-motion that stills the mind, body and spirit. 

Amrit yoga is a gentle practice that everyone can do. 


Private Sessions
Group Classes

In Studio

"Tina's presence is very calming.
All the stress melted away."

yoga nidra class client


The Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra is a sleep-based meditation from a lying down or seated position. The guided process brings students into a deeply relaxed state of awareness where the body's own abilities to rejuvenate and heal can be accessed and amplified. Yoga nidra also addresses common illnesses, chronic diseases and trauma including PTSD.

Amrit yoga nidra is an effortless mediation that everyone can do.


Corporate Wellness

Customized reiki, yoga and meditation programs for improving employee health and wellbeing at the workplace. 

Group Classes

Special Events


"I look forward to Tina
coming each week.
Meditation over the lunch hour
relieves my stress."

employee wellness participant

Customize any of Manitou's services for providing employee wellness programs at your workplace or group event. 

Reiki, yoga and meditation are not only effective stress relievers but fun team building tools too. 

Corporate Wellness


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